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Win An Easter Themed Good Bag Co Gift Set

The Good Bag Co was created in 2006 by Alan and Lesley after they saw so many plastic bags discarded and dumped and damaging the local environment and wildlife. They decided to create an alternative which would be practical and enjoyable to use. Their range of bags are made from eco friendly jute  and the […]

The Health Benefits Of House Plants

houseplants & health

Did you know that 52% of home owners use houseplants to tackle pollution or that 87% of air toxins are removed by houseplants with 24 hours? Compost Direct has kindly shared this infographic with us with which includes all kinds of amazing facts and figures about the benefits of having houseplants.

Tips For Fertilizing Your Lawn The Natural Way

green home, green energy

Fertilizing your lawn in spring might be confusing for some homeowners. The questions of when and how exactly to do it often arise. After all, failure to apply the fertilizer properly could negatively affect the overall health of your lawn. To help you out, we’ve got several tips on fertilizing for a greener and healthier […]

Creating An Eco Friendly Kitchen

electric heating, energy saving radiators

With more and more people considering the effect their lifestyles have on the environment, it may be time for you to think about how to make your own home more eco-friendly. Saving energy should be your prime focus as although renewable sources of energy are increasing their share of production we still rely on polluting […]