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3 Beauty Products With The Ethical Touch

natural cosmetics

“Meat is murder,” exclaims pop legend Morrissey at regular intervals. He’s said it so many times that most people tune out, as though his protestations were little more than white noise and bluster. But does he have a point? Are we all compromising our ethics in the name of good food and affordable products? In […]

The Energy Saving App Perfect For Any Green Home

energy saving app

Intelli Heat are a multi award winning electric heating manufacturer established in the UK for over 15 years.  Their new systems have been proven to save up to 30% on energy costs and usage compared to older heating systems, LPG or Oil. This makes them highly desirable for new sustainable housing projects or modernisation retrofits, […]

3 Top Ways To Keep Your Biz Eco-Friendly


Staying eco-friendly in business is like trying to maintain your diet when you work in a chocolate factory – eventually the temptation to gorge will grow too great. You’ll be watching smoke fumes billow from a chimney stack by the end of the day. Yet breaking away from rabbit food only damages you and your hips. […]