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Demystifying The Issues Around Sustainable & Natural Skincare

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Yaso Shan is a registered member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP). A leading UK professional body for qualified and practising members of western herbal medicine. Yaso began her career as a Lecturer in the Health Sciences, specialising in the biomedical sciences, physiology, pathology, infection and the principles governing conventional medical treatments. She […]

What Impact Has Veganism Had On Farming?

veganuary, veganism, flexitarian diet

According to the Vegan Society, 42 per cent of UK vegans made the choice to go meat-and-dairy-free in 2018, showing how rapidly the movement is picking up in recent years. Whether we’re making a conscious effort to lower our red meat intake or we’re grabbing some compost bags and heading outside to grow our own […]

The Latest Trends in Packaging


Food packaging must meet a wide array of stringent requirements. It has to protect the food from damage during transport. It must protect the food from exposure to bacteria and fungi in the air and it should look attractive on the shelves so that potential customers want to buy it. The brand information must also […]

Top Green Living Trends for A Better Planet

green energy suppliers

Over the past five decades, the average global temperature has risen at the fastest rate in history. The planet is warming, from the North Pole to the South Pole, and human activity is the primary cause. The term global warming is used to describe the average increase in earth’s temperature. The scenario is already having harmful effects […]