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Win A Box of Greencane Paper

eco friendly toilet paper, sustainable toilet paper

Greencane toilet paper, tissues and paper towels are eco-friendly products made primarily from recycled sugarcane and fast-renewable bamboo. By using Greencane, you are making a sustainable choice and are valuing the environment by limiting the destruction of soft-wood forests. Greencane are offering the chance to win 1 box of ‘Naked Toilet Paper’ which includes 48 rolls of unwrapped, plastic-free, […]

Free Pen Recycling & Collection

office recycling, pen recycling

We all know how important it is to move towards a more sustainable future and to waste as little as possible. To help, Boxx-Direct have partnered with TerraCycle to offer free pen recycling services. Old pens are collected from your premises and dropped off to TerraCycle to be recycled. All for free! All you have […]

Eco Friendly Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Presents

eco friendly wrapping paper

Did you know that in the U.K we use enough wrapping paper to stretch around the equator nine times ? (source: Recycle Now). With that scary statistic in mind we should certainly be looking for alternatives and greener ways to wrap our presents. For those of you who fancy being thrifty, resourceful and creative this […]

Centella The Botanical Skincare Emporium

Centella the botanical skincare brand founded by medical herbalist Yaso Shan have expanded their range and are currently working towards going zero waste. Yaso has taken advantage of her scientific background and therapeutic experience to put her knowledge of the immense potential of botanical ingredients and an understanding of skin physiology into formulating a range […]

How To Bring Good Energy To Your Garden


There has certainly been more interest garnered in controlling energy around the home over recent years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is starting to spread to the outdoors as well. The garden is the focus for this post as this can be a so-called easy target when it comes to attracting the right “feelings”. It’s full of […]

Natural Ingredients To Deter Pests

non-toxic pest control

No one likes sudden visitors, especially when they are small, slimy, cause damage, and intend to move in with you. Insects and small rodents besiege our homes in search of food and warm shelter. While some of them are completely harmless, others can cause  damage and also endanger our health. As no one wants to […]