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Have You Switched To Green Radiators Yet?

Electric radiator post

The world of electric radiators has changed massively in recent years. Gone are the days when we had to rely on clunky old energy guzzling night storage heaters. The technology of today’s electric radiators has assured that all energy use is kept to a bare minimum without the concern of damaging the environment through the […]

4 Methods Used by Big Companies to Help the Environment


Over the past couple of decades, the green cause has become a priority for many individuals as well as businesses. As more and more of us have become aware of the damage that has been caused to the environment and the planet, a rising number of people and companies have become increasingly eager to take […]

Organics & Premature Babies

earlybirds pic rev

What’s the Fuss About Organic? Organic cotton clothing is clothing that has been made from cotton that has been grown from non-genetically modified seed and in a pesticide free environment.  To be certified as ‘organic’ a producer of organic cotton must meet certain standards.  These standards state what a grower must do in order to […]

Seascape’s Sleep Oil Wins Another Award!


Seascape Island Apothecary is pleased to announce that the fantastic 8ml Soothe Sleep Oil has been named by the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2015 as the best “DE-STRESS” product of the year. Having already received the Pure Beauty Silver Award for being one of the best new natural products of the 2014, this latest recognition further […]