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The Solid Shampoo Bar For Dogs

vegan, zero waste dog products

With concerns around plastic pollution there has been a rise in the popularity of bar soaps. Natural soap maker Soap & Pamper have created a solid shampoo for dogs so that dog owners can also make the switch. Their shampoo bar for dogs is handcrafted with natural, cruelty free ingredients and is also palm oil […]

Centella The Botanical Skincare Emporium

Centella the botanical skincare brand founded by medical herbalist Yaso Shan have expanded their range and are currently working towards going zero waste. Yaso has taken advantage of her scientific background and therapeutic experience to put her knowledge of the immense potential of botanical ingredients and an understanding of skin physiology into formulating a range […]

Free Pen Recycling & Collection

office recycling, pen recycling

We all know how important it is to move towards a more sustainable future and to waste as little as possible. To help, Boxx-Direct have partnered with TerraCycle to offer free pen recycling services. Old pens are collected from your premises and dropped off to TerraCycle to be recycled. All for free! All you have […]

Top Tips For Eco Friendly Dental Care

eco friendly dental care

Going green isn’t restricted to reusable shopping bags, electric cars and organic foods. The dental hygiene habits you adopt may also be negatively impacting the environment. Here are some top tips to make your dental care more low impact and eco-friendly. 1. Sustainable toothbrushes Traditionally, the majority of toothbrushes have been made of plastic and […]

The Positive Impact Of Renewable Energy Technologies

green energy, eco energy companies

With the rapid increase in environmental pollution and the release of greenhouse gases, many people have begun to call on governments to take action to cut carbon emissions. This has also forced corporations to begin exploring earth friendly energy sources that will eventually replace fossil fuel. The combustion of fossil fuel is the biggest source […]