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4 Starting Points For A Green Office

eco office tips

It’s been growing slowly domestically over recent years and it finally seems as though “being green” is now being translated to the office environment. More and more companies are starting to take their green responsibilities seriously in their workplaces and reaping both the financial and environmental rewards that this brings. Of course, there are umpteen ways […]

Make Your Pond A Healthy Place For Fish To Thrive

wildlife pond, green gardening,

When you want to add a little bit more interest to your garden, installing a pond is a good place to start. There is just something very relaxing about water in a garden, as it sets a peaceful and idyllic backdrop for the rest of your outdoor space. If you are also a lover of […]

Where Are The Best Growing Conditions In The UK?

best growing conditions, eco gardening

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in the UK. With long waiting lists for allotments and guerrilla gardening on the rise there seems to be no decline in the populations love for their garden. Click on the infographic below created by Compost Direct which shows where the UK’s hotspots are for the most sunshine, least rainfall […]