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Green Friday Is The New Black Friday

green friday, green christmas

So there have been whisperings that this black Friday malarkey is all just a marketing ploy by the big corporations to make you spend more money (shock horror) and in its place is slowly creeping in the term ‘Green Friday.’ Many people are beginning to realise that perhaps those super deals on offer are actually not […]

The Eco Spa That’s Good For The Body, Soul & Planet

salt swiiming pool, natural health spa

Titanic Spa, the first eco spa in the UK is celebrating its ten year anniversary. It has welcomed 290,00 guests in this time and boasts an array of eco friendly features. Based in west Yorkshire and nestled in the Linthwaite Valley, just outside Huddersfield, the building is based in an old textile mill which was built in 1911 (the […]

The Friendly Soap Range Goes From Strength To Strength

vegan soap

When we last sampled and reviewed a selection of Friendly Soaps last year, we were enamoured by not only how good the soaps were and how lovely they smelt but were mighty impressed with their ethical credentials too. They use as little energy as possible throughout production and pack every bar of natural handmade soap […]

Sustainable Green Printing

green printing image

Sustainable green printing technology is on the rise in the field of publishing. One company in particular Onlineprinters are beginning to implement sustainable measures in their business. As an ever increasing number of printers globally are switching to sustainable green printing methods the demand seems to be driven by both the general public and businesses alike. Non Sustainable Printing Practices […]

Your Winter Gardening Survival Guide

winter gardening

Winter’s here, and that means your garden may be looking pretty bleak. If you’re making a point of being more self-sufficient, or you’re just passionate about growing, then the harsh chill of winter can be pretty discouraging. However, you don’t just have to sit there and watch your plants turn to frosty, wet mush. Here […]