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The First Eco-Conscious Tattoo Studio Opens Its Doors

eco friendly tattoos

Dark House Tattoo Co-Operative are opening the first their eco-friendly, vegan tattoo studio which is based in East London UK. Dark House Tattoo Co-Operative was established at the start of 2018 by two East London based tattoo artists, Lucy Frost and Adam Willett. Lucy and Adam began the year with dreams of opening the world’s […]

Guide for Choosing The Right Grass for The Lawn

grass seed guide

Several factors determine what variety of grass seed is the best for your lawn. Choose the best variety for the climate and the use for which the lawn is intended. When shopping for grass seed, the brands are one thing, but the seed varieties and mixtures are another. Choosing between fescue and bluegrass, rye grass […]

Making Our Gardens Carbon Positive

houseplants & health

The world’s environment is dramatically changing due to climate change. Glaciers are shrinking, animals and birds are losing their habitats and forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. It’s predicted by scientists that global temperatures are going to continue rising in the near future, with greenhouse gases that are produced by human activity being […]