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Water Saving Eco Tips

rainwater harvesting, water butts

Although the UK is associated with wet weather both April and May have been particularly dry and we have had very little rain. With climate change on the horizon and some might say happening now, water conservation is something we need to take seriously… Here are a few simple tips/good habits to get into…. 1. […]

Why Water Efficiency is Essential for Businesses

Current attention has been focused more on energy efficiency than water efficiency. However, demand for water has been growing along with energy usage in recent years especially as the climate changes. Furthermore, water usage requires energy, and it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Yet there are many other reasons aside from being eco-friendly to reduce […]

That Thing We Don’t Want To Talk About

woodland burials midlands

Spending our lives buying the greenest items we can find, always felt a little pointless to me if I couldn’t find a way to remain ‘green’ when I died. It was a moment of pure joy, when on my small Midlands high street, a new business called Woodland Burial Company opened. I quickly made an […]

3 Natural Ways To Help Anxiety

CBD products eco, cbd anxiety

Anxiety is something most of us have to deal with at some point in our lives, but in some cases, it can become crippling. This is usually when people start looking at medication and other solutions. The issue here, however, is that traditional medication often comes with severe side effects, some of which can actually […]