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Water Saving Eco Tips

rainwater harvesting, water butts

Although the UK is associated with wet weather both April and May have been particularly dry and we have had very little rain. With climate change on the horizon and some might say happening now, water conservation is something we need to take seriously… Here are a few simple tips/good habits to get into…. 1. […]

What are the Side Effects of CBD Intake?

cbd supplements

Cannabidiol has become well known around the globe for quite a while now. At first, people might have been reluctant to take it, but today, this substance is becoming more mainstream and even sold on the high street. We cannot deny the fact that there are positive reasons to learn more about Cannabidiol. After all, […]

Why You Should Go Zero Waste In 2020

zero waste lifestyle, biodegradable coffee pods

Have you ever thought about going zero waste? This is a relatively new way of living life that many people are giving a try. Living a zero waste lifestyle comes with many benefits and it should be something that is considered by all. While it might be hard to make the full switch to a […]

Tips For Being Eco Friendly

green energy, eco energy companies

Although the last two hundred years has brought an unimaginable amount of wealth and prosperity to the human race, it hasn’t been without its drawbacks. Although we live longer than ever and have access to more technologies than ever, it comes at the cost of environmental damage including air pollution, desertification, deforestation, global warming, ocean […]