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Where Are The Best Growing Conditions In The UK?

best growing conditions, eco gardening

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in the UK. With long waiting lists for allotments and guerrilla gardening on the rise there seems to be no decline in the populations love for their garden. Click on the infographic below created by Compost Direct which shows where the UK’s hotspots are for the most sunshine, least rainfall […]

Get 15% Off An Award Winning Rotaire Dryline

energy saving, green home

Did you know you can dry your washing in the rain? Save money on tumble dryers? Get the washing out of the house without worrying about the rain? Wind power without the turbine. Solar power without the panels. The solution to rainy washing days, saving time and worry, the Rotaire Dryline saves money by not using energy […]

Really Green Gardening

green home, green energy

Our homes and gardens are our own little slice of this earth which we can relax and be at peace with.  However they are also a huge source of energy waste and impact heavily on the environment.  There are ways of reducing the impact your home has on our planet though.  Take a look at a […]

A Coffee Cup Mountain of Waste

In the UK we throw away 2.5 billion paper cups a year as most coffee cups from coffee chains are not recyclable. In the USA they throw away 50 billion cups a year. Click on the infographic below for more information and a visual waste mountain to illustrate the size of the problem both here and […]