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Soil Disposal And The Environment

soil disposal, soil re-use, soil landfill

Due to environmental awareness, legislation concerning soil disposal and treatment here in the UK has become more robust . Thankfully there are dedicated companies that specialise in this bespoke arena and by using their services it is possible to dispose of soil in a manner that is both cost effective and sustainable. Thanks to the introduction […]

Go Green With An Eco Friendly Holiday This Summer

eco friendly holiday cottage

Choosing eco-friendly holiday accommodation can be a great way to feel great, not only about your holiday but about where you are staying too. If you care about protecting the earth and want to minimise your carbon footprint then it makes sense to stay in eco-friendly and preferably carbon neutral accommodation.   Recent research such […]

Juno Spring Extra Craft Special

eco crafts, environmental crafts

If you love spending time making things and crafting then you’ll love the JUNO Spring Extra. It is the first of two new special issues which will be published each year in April and October. This first issue has a craft theme and features simple projects that use natural or recycled materials, and supplies that most of […]