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Greencane Paper: The Eco Friendly Choice For Your Household

By Kate Haines,
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recycled toilet paper

Greencane paper is a new product available in the UK that will be of interest to all green householders. It is made from sugarcane and bamboo making it an environmentally friendly option and is also packaged in paper and cellophane making it compostable too, ticking the box if you’re trying to go zero waste. Product Review Here at […]

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Why Friendly Soaps Are Just That:Friendly To The Planet, Animals & Your Skin

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The team at Friendly Soap create beautiful, handmade soap. They use the traditional cold process method of natural handmade soap making which not only generates zero by-products but also allows them to carefully select every ingredient themselves. This process ensures that the soap they create is earth friendly, animal friendly and skin friendly too. Skin […]

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Organics & Premature Babies

By Kate Haines,
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What’s the Fuss About Organic? Organic cotton clothing is clothing that has been made from cotton that has been grown from non-genetically modified seed and in a pesticide free environment.  To be certified as ‘organic’ a producer of organic cotton must meet certain standards.  These standards state what a grower must do in order to […]

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