Eco Friendly Bags

Plastic bags that are not reused or recycled end up in land fill sites or our water system. They take over 500 years to decay and annually 100,000 fish, birds and sea mammals die needlessly because they mistake plastic packaging for food and eat it or become entangled in it.

The Good Bag Co

jute eco bags

The Good Bag Co was born in 2006 after seeing so many plastic bags available and damaging the environment and wildlife. Alan injected his wicked sense of humour into the vivid designs and characters which started with The family Good! We now produce aprons which are from natural cotton and our cards are produced from […]

Baggee Ltd

plastic bag holder

The BAGGEE is a flexible hollow rubber ball attached to a key chain for the purpose of carrying plastic bags, such as the ones from supermarkets to be compressed and stored inside. Designed to solve the problem of forgetting to take bags whilst out shopping they clip easily on to keys or handbags so those […]