Action 21

Action 21 promotes sustainable living to people in Warwickshire through positive practical action. We work for people and the environment at a local level, working in constructive partnership with other organisations and individuals. We aim to make greener living easier to do in ways which create a better quality of life.

Green Policies

We undertake practical projects and provide advice. Our theme groups are a forum for dealing with sustainability issues, and our goals include sustainable energy use, recycling, composting, locally grown food, health, sustainable transport, reduced consumption and waste. We are proud to have over 60 volunteers involved.

Action 21 is a social enterprise, which was established in 1996 and registered in 2001 as a not-for profit company limited by guarantee. Funding comes from a range of sources including self-generated income, statutory funds, charitable trusts and membership fees. Surplus funds generated through our activities are ploughed back into projects to benefit the environment and local people.

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