Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass offer the most powerful vegetable on earth, consumable in a convenient way that aligns with hectic lifestyles. The timeless phrase, “you are what you eat”, sums up many of the responses of converts to Amazing Grass. Eat Grass and Get Healthy! Products are blends of wheat, barley, alfalfa grass, greens, superfoods and fruits, EFAs, pre and probiotics, all in one product!

Green Policies

Amazing Grass offer a variety of superfood products that are raw, kosher, vegan and gluten free. Amazing Grass is dedicated to creating the best organic green foods on the market made from the finest ingredients to produce antioxidant-rich free radical fighting products (just check out the latest launch ORAC 40,000 Green Superfood.) When choosing which greens brand to buy it’s important to remember that not all cereal grasses are created equal. Tray grown wheatgrass juice you find in most juice, smoothie or grocery stores is different from field grown dehydrated wheat grass. In fact, most field grown cereal grasses are different from Amazing Grass. Amazing Grass is field grown through winter and harvested just once a year. Other grasses are grown in warm climates and cut 7 or more times a year, which results in decreased nutrients.

Amazing Grass is certified organic and uses no herbicides or pesticides to grow their crops. Their belief of putting back more into the soil than we take out ensures the most nutrient-rich cereal grasses you can get. Amazing Grass includes organic (red hard winter) wheat grass, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa, organic oat grass and organic rye grass. All grasses grow longer and cost more to produce, but the quality, superior nutrition and resulting health benefits are definitely worth it.

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