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Biopac is the leading UK developer and supplier of eco friendly packaging and catering disposables. After years of research, we’ve created a comprehensive range of products using practical and sustainable materials. Biopac’s products are ideal for restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, delis, cafes, coffee shops, caterers, street food traders and take-aways who want to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

Green Policies

We constantly strive to develop genuinely sustainable alternatives, so our customers can grow their business without having to worry about their impact on the environment. Biopac has a strong research and development programme which, in collaboration with research centres across Europe, is investigating the use of waste materials to produce novel biopolymers.

Every member of the team in Biopac has a keen interest in environmental matters and we strongly believe in encouraging our clients to look carefully at the impact of using ‘unfriendly’ materials.

We advise our customers on the best way of disposing our products and we collaborate with a number of leading composting sites.

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