Clean and Green Recovery

Clean and green recovery is a not for profit enterprise supporting people in drug and alcohol recovery. Clean and green recovery stock a range of all natural beauty products and sell cards, jewellery, artwork and all manner of products handmade by people who have either achieved or are working to achieve total abstinence. All the crafters are looking to seek paid employment in and are from backgrounds that have left their self esteem in tatters. Clean and green recovery provides an opportunity for confidence building through craft and a small income with every sale.

Green Policies

Kate Furey makes all her own cleaning products, washing powder and soap (and is also a fully qualified aromatherapist).

“My own Products and New freedom products are made using natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly ingredients and all packaging is either recycled, recyclable or reusable. We recycle and up cycle wherever we can. We are very involved with local environmental projects, including river clean ups, allotments, river management courses and my personal favourite – Bees and Butterfly’s seed bombing project. (we hope to start a bee-keeping enterprise in 2014)”.

Kate Furey, owner of Clean and Green Recovery