A range of presentation box blanks, cd sleeves, gift tags and presentation folders manufactured in the UK from recycled paper. Plus good quality clear, unprinted bio-degradable (Bio-film) bags, point of sale bags, checkout bags, carriers, suitable for a wide range of retail uses, craft fairs, farmers markets, greetings card making and hobbies.

Green Policies

It is our company policy to offer ‘greener’ alternatives for everyone who is concerned about the environment.

We source products from reputable ‘green’ suppliers and take care to research the credentials of the paper etc. we use. Most of the papers we use are 100% recycled and the majority contain a large proportion of post-consumer waste (ie old brochures, print-outs, correspondence etc.). We believe this to be a positive step to help conserve the Earth’s natural resources and reduce the amount of waste which otherwise goes to landfill.
Recycling paper can also reduce the energy required in production by up to 50% with similar effects on pollution and carbon dioxide emissions and water usage.

Just as we ensure all our products are either recycled or as environmentally friendly as possible, so naturally we make sure our production methods and packaging is as green and sustainable as is practical.

We reuse packaging from our suppliers, we buy once used cartons and all our office paper is recycled. Plus most of the packaging materials used by us in your orders is recyclable or bio-degradable.

In production we strive to get the best use of all raw materials and to keep any waste to a minimum. What waste we do produced is then either used for packaging orders or sent for recycling into yet more recycled paper.

We source all of our energy from 100% renewable and non-nuclear supplier Good Energy and have recently moved the bulk of our deliveries over to carbon neutral supplier Interlink.

To keep our carbon foot print to a minimum, we source all our material from UK or EU suppliers. We do not get any of our card, papers, envelopes, bags or packaging from outside the EU.

The vast majority of our products are not just made from recycled material, most are either recyclable,  compostable or bio-degradable.

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