Radiator Squirrel

radiator boost attachment

Radiator Squirrel is an easy-to-fit radiator attachment that boosts the performance of central heating systems.  Made in Britain and independently proven to genuinely reduce the biggest cost in domestic energy– the heating bill.  Typical annual savings are 11.5% with corresponding carbon savings.  Payback is usually within 2 years.

Beautifully simple, with no moving parts, Radiator Squirrel is a heat boosting, energy saving radiator attachment that fits to conventional steel panel radiators.


Green Policies

Fitting Radiator Squirrel can reduce the carbon footprint of a house or other property because it reduces fuel consumption.

The Energy Squirrel is manufactured in the UK

Energy Squirrel was founded by Jim Kenney, an engineer with huge experience in energy management in buildings dating back to the 1980s. Jim won his first energy management award nearly 30 years ago. He went on to become a renewable energy pioneer and founded one of the UK’s first and most trusted solar power installation companies in 2002.



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