Ethical Holiday

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Ethical Holiday is an online directory of ethical places to stay matched with optional short term volunteering activities that help empower communities and protect the planet.  Every listing on our site has been handpicked for their ethical values and, where possible, paired with nearby optional volunteering for a life changing holiday where you can get involved and experience new cultures.

Green Policies

As an online business we ensure that we run our day to day business operations with zero-waste and as sustainably as possible, using digital tools and online forms to avoid printing and paper waste and ensuring that any promotional products are 100% eco-friendly

We also donate a minimum of 15% of our annual profits to charitable causes and let our customers decide where our donation goes through yearly voting.

We ensure that all our listings meet at least 2 of our ethical criteria:

  • Sustainable – Has sustainable practices in place including renewable energies, responsible waste management and use of environmentally friendly materials
  • Conservation & Preservation – Does not negatively affect the local flora and fauna, takes steps to protect surrounding ecosystems and wildlife as well as participation in conservation efforts either locally or internationally.
  • Community Reinvestment – Reinvests into their local community, with financial and/or practical assistance to empower local people and encourages guests to engage positively.
  • Supports Local – Sources produce locally and actively promotes or invests in local businesses
  • Fair Wage – Pays workers a fair and liveable wage and provides additional benefits such as healthcare, accommodation or personal development programmes
  • Charitable – Supports charities and not for profit organisations either actively through volunteering and campaigning or financially with donations and fundraising. This can be on a local or international scale.


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