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Giving Time and Solutions Ltd is a small independent business based in Coventry.

On a global level IT is responsible for 2% of emission of greenhouse gases. However, the remaining 98% is seen as an opportunity for IT to help solve the problem” – Irene Sobotta, Greening IT – How Greener IT Can Form a Solid Foundation For A Low-Carbon Society.

Worldwide Business Review – 2017 UK Enterprise Award – Best Green IT Specialist – Midlands. 2017 Green IT Management Consultancy of the Year 2017-UK & Excellence in Work Life Balance Training,
Corporate Vision-The Technology Innovator Awards 2016 Sustained Excellence in Green IT Management & Recognised Leader in Green IT Research & 2015 UK Best Green IT Management Consultancy, a number of diverse services are delivered to help you:

  • boost your environmental credentials
  • achieve a work life balance and
  • improve your wellbeing.

Business Owner Tripta is the first woman to have achieved the world’s first Foundation Professional Certificate in Green IT. You can read more about Tripta and Giving Time & Solutions here

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With 20+ years of experience and 50+ testimonials, Tripta’s contribution to Green IT is acknowledged in the Greening IT book, Daily Telegraph and PMI global magazine.

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