Intelli Heat

Intelli Heat are an environmentally focused, award winning manufacturer of recyclable, energy efficient, beautifully designed electric radiators and electric towel rails.

We are one of the only company in the UK to provide a home automation app (WHAPP) that can control and manage electric heating alongside other functions such as lighting, alarms, gates, blinds, all from one device, from anywhere, in order to hugely reduce energy consumption.

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Green Policies

Our mission since 1996 has been to provide the most efficient possible solution to heating domestic and commercial properties in order to achieve maximum energy savings for the environment.  We have been pioneering energy efficient electric heating and radiators for over 15 years, and are now at the cutting edge of home automation app design.  This is to ensure that we continue to be a committed and leading partner in the UK’s essential drive to a more sustainable future, as part of the low carbon greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2050.

Our radiators are made of 100% recycled aluminium, and are fully recyclable too.  This ensures our products meet all sustainable development requirements.  Our working practice is heavily geared towards ethical employment, which is why we only work with Zoppas, the leading European manufacture of heating components.

Our electric radiators, Needo and Cali Avante have patented designs such as our Advanced Condensing  System, in order to create maximum efficiency for minimum energy usage.  They are highly technical, yet so simple to use and install.

The  Sophia range of electric towel rails not only look beautiful but they are also highly energy efficient due to the unique way in which they heat up and emit heat.

We are at the forefront of home automation development, and have the only App in the UK (called our WHAPP), that is able to control a huge amount of electrical devices, including our electric heating products, all from one app, from anywhere.  This can be from a stand alone device, or from your smart phone or tablet.  This enables you make large energy savings through being able to have full control of your home energy usage, whenever you want or need.

For more information on our products or environmental policy, please do give us a call or go to our website, listed below.


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