Love Heartwood

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You’re looking for a gift, well no, actually you’re looking for the perfect gift. Something that’s thoughtful, unique and shows you care. Something they’ll want to treasure forever.
Love HeartWood’s range of sustainable, handcrafted wooden gifts are the answer. Mixing contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship and that added personal touch. Make their special day a truly memorable one with a gift from Love HeartWood.

Green Policies

Each step along the way we ensure our choices are as green as possible.


All of Love HeartWood’s wood is from recycled or local sustainable UK sources. I don’t use imported timber which may have come from illegal logging. I don’t use rare exotic hardwoods. Instead I prefer to champion native woods which would otherwise end up in the chipper or the wood burner.


All natural. Either bare wood, sustainable oil or beeswax. All wood stains are natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic and water based plus vegan friendly and safe for bees.


Our suppliers are carefully chosen for their ethical and eco-friendly stance. For instance we use presentation boxes from the Tiny Box Company that are recycled and eco-friendly but also fully recyclable.


Either the wood shavings created during turning are used as a packing material or recycled tissue paper. The shavings can go in your compost bin or makes great guinea pig bedding. Our shipping boxes and paper tape are made from 75% recycled fibres and 100% recyclable.

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