Manchester Is My Planet

The Manchester is my Planet campaign is running across Greater Manchester to bring about a green energy revolution in the region. The campaign brings together local councils, businesses and the voluntary sector to make Manchester Britain’s cleanest, greenest and “coolest” city.

Green Policies

The Manchester is my Planet Climate Change Pledge has already been really successful and over 16,000 people have pledged to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent before 2010, to help the UK meet its international commitment on climate change. The Manchester is my Planet website, and a quarterly newsletter/e-newsletter, provide pledgers with specific information, news, and events around Greater Manchester relating to climate change and sustainability issues. As part of this communications programme, MIMP aims to provide ‘offers’ to help pledgers take practical action to impact on their greenhouse gas emissions. These offers could include reduced rate solar water heating systems or insulation materials, discount vouchers for biodiesel sold by a local co-operative, or solar thermal panels, and special offers on green electricity tariffs.

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