Organic clothes from FabOrganics are fashionable, from a quality at prices you can afford and good for people, animals and the environment. We offer outerwear and underwear, nightwear and skin-soft towels which all are non-toxic and non-allergic. Our fabrics are made from organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.

Green Policies

FabOrganics offers competitively-priced, quality products, all from fair trade and organic suppliers. Everything is made from organic or environmentally friendly materials. Our products contain no harmful chemicals like pesticides, petrochemicals, formaldehyde and other toxic substances and nothing has been tested on animals. FabOrganics supports sustainable textiles, recycling and re-use, renewable energy, reduction of green house gases, organic farming and sweat-shop free production through the products we offer.

All of our stationary is printed on environmentally friendly paper (Biotop), we use biodegradable packaging and re-use as many of the boxes as we can, our bank is an ethical bank (the Co-operative Bank), we have solar panels on our roof and eat organic food. 10% of our profit goes to one of our chosen charities: The RSPB or Oxfam.

The owner of FabOrganics, Marion Nieuwenhuizen, started the webshop in 1997 when she we was living in Amsterdam. She has a Master’s Degree in Biology and is very committed to promoting a greener lifestyle. She believes that by buying natural, organic and ethical products, you are not only protecting the health of yourself and your family but also promoting sustainable farming methods, fair trade and a cleaner environment.