PHB Ethical Beauty

PHB Ethical Beauty is a pioneering family run business offering a unique selection of natural & ethical beauty products. With a range of over 200 products PHB offers the largest collection of natural, vegan & halal certified beauty products available worldwide. The collection offers something for everyone with natural skin and hair care, mineral cosmetics and we also provide natural remedies for eczema & psoriasis.

“PHB are dedicated to providing effective natural beauty products that give noticeable results.”

Green Policies

The PHB Collection is always free from alcohol, animal ingredients, animal testing, parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, phtalates and petrochemicals all of which you don’t want or need on your skin. By creating a range that uses only the purest of ingredients we are able to cater for even the most sensitive of skin.

Our ingredients are always ethically harvested and sourced and we support fair trade co-operatives and regeneration projects which provide assistance and stability for farmers & their local communities. We research endlessly the finest and most beneficial natural ingredients to blend with our organic produce and creating effective and ethical beauty products is our passion.

Made in the UK using only the purest natural ingredients & certified organic extracts we provide effective natural beauty products that give noticeable results.

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