Smelly Pet Tonic

We handmake probiotic products for the home by fermenting food! Our products include the award winning Libby Chan household cleaner; the amazing Libby’s Smelly Pet Tonic (if you have pets you NEED this!) and Libby’s Bokashi – a home composting system that allows you to recycle all food waste including cooked food, meat & fish, dairy and even small bones!

Green Policies

We want to buy local, we want to buy ethically and we want to buy environmentally sound. We apply these tenets as successfully as we can in the manufacture and packaging of our products and are always aiming to improve.

Our raw ingredients:
Though we are not producing a product for consumption we believe we must source the most ethically based food products that originate from abroad. That’s why:
Our sugar is certified Fairtrade cane sugar.
Our soya is sourced from Japanese suppliers who strictly prohibit the use of any GM modified crops from abroad.
We only use organic yogurt & organic brown rice for the production of libby chan and libby’s V-concentrate.
Our sour salt is certified GMO free.

Our bottles:
All our bottles are either PET or HDPE plastic which can be recycled in your local plastic collection or at recycling facilities. But REUSE is so much better than recycle. As libby chan is harmless, the bottles can be reused for any purpose (once washed of course).