The Economy Radiator Company

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The only UK manufacturer of aluminium electric radiators, The Economy Radiator Company specialises in energy efficient electric radiators for all rooms, including bathrooms and conservatories.

Green Policies

Economy Radiators are

  • Made in the UK
  • Energy Efficient

The thermostat is perhaps the most important component of the radiator – and the most accurate is used with our radiators. It uses microchip technology to optimise the consumption of electricity. This means you will consume exactly the energy required to heat the room to your specified temperature, without wasting a single kilowatt.

All of our electric radiators feature a digital control panel for complete control on an hourly basis. You choose what temperature to set for each hour of the day, seven days a week, to suit your household needs.

Of course, you can override the programmed temperature manually at any time.

When the room has reached the desired temperature, the radiator will only use a small percentage of its energy capacity – drawing just enough electricity to maintain the temperature.

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