The Flowbox

Discover exceptional eco-friendly, organic and natural food, beauty and household products every month with Flowbox – the healthy lifestyle subscription box. With green alternatives to everyday favourites from luxurious boutique brands and healthy alternatives to family treats included, the Flowbox is designed for the entire household to enjoy.

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Green Policies

Beautifully presented in a recyclable box, the Flowbox is organised around a unique theme each month. Containing up to ten ethical, sustainable and carefully sourced full size products, themes include protection and well being and festive flows.

Flowbox helps sustainable brands and businesses to reach their customers more easily, and help subscribers effortlessly discover new and unique organic, fairtrade and eco-friendly alternatives that are hard to find in supermarkets. A unique set of guidelines have been developed for the curation process to ensure only authentic products are featured in each box.

In order to be packed in the box, suppliers must meet one or more of a series of tough eco criteria. These include a demonstration that the product is organic and has been allowed to develop naturally with no chemical or artificial interference and or is committed to the Fairtrade principles of treating local suppliers fairly, promoting local sustainability, offering decent working conditions for staff and paying better prices for produce.

The products must also be eco-friendly and created in harmony with local ecosystems with no damage to the planet or be entirely gluten free. Vegan, chemical free, cruelty free and people and community friendly criteria are also included in the tough curation guidelines to ensure that each Flowbox is natural, sustainable and capable of doing good.

Plus, 1% of Flowbox’s net profit goes to a charity of the subscriber’s choice, so each purchase is contributing towards a good cause.