The Natural Shop

One-stop online shop of organic, natural, eco-friendly products for the home and body. Toiletries, cosmetics, skincare products, and items for wellbeing, babies, pet care, personal care, energy-saving, cleaning, and hair care; as well as earth-friendly gadgets and gifts, and articles of interest.

Green Policies

The Natural Shop is dedicated to providing a wide range of earth-friendly natural products – healthy for people, animals, and the environment.

We will strive to provide clear up to date information about which substances are best avoided in mainstream personal care products.

There are full lists of ingredients for everything we sell.

All our products are carefully researched to ensure that they only ever contain ingredients that are proven safe and effective, with no suspected potential for human health risk

None of our products and are ever tested on animals.

The vast majority of ingredients come from renewable natural sources (e.g plant and herb extracts, minerals, and waxes).

Products are made using simple processes such as fermentation, distillation, filtration, and expressing, without the use of synthetic chemicals that might affect the purity or purpose of the natural ingredients, and contaminate the end product.

For more information please visit our full environmental and ethical policies on our website.

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