Wessex Eco Products Ltd

Wessex Eco Products distributes a range of ecological products for use in your home or garden. All products are made from products which are themselves ecological and/or recycled . The products are available to purchase from our web site or Ebay.
The products include

SMART Wipes are made from recycled cotton and have all the advantages of a cotton product. They are soft yet strong. They can pick up 5 times their weight of liquid far more than petro based cloths. They can be rewashed and do not feel greasy feel when used. Available in differing quantities from 5 to 50 or on jumbo rolls of 300 wipes

Chimney Sheep are made from the wool of Hardwick sheep found on the hills of the Lake District They have been designed to stop unused fireplaces acting as a funnel for hot air being sucked from within a house. A Chimney Sheep works by being a little bit bigger than the flue so it can grip onto the sides and hold itself in place. The amount of overlap doesn’t matter too much as the felt is squashy and can fit into a range of gaps. If you have a round flue, you want a round sheep that is an inch or so larger than the flue but they come in a range of sizes to fit within many chimneys and special have been made for inglenooks Sizes can be chosen on our web site.

Firelighters which have no petroleum products in them and are made from FSC wood dust and vegetable oil. They do not therefore smell or taint as do petroleum based products. They are made into cubes and each cube can fire for about 5 minutes. They are available in boxes of 28 cubes or bags of 72 cubes.



Many products can be couriered through the UK and P&P charges are included where this is practical. The larger and heavier products such as the horse bedding which comes in 25 kgs bales or bags of logs can only be delivered on our transport.



Green Policies

All the products which we handle have an ecological feature – the wood logs come from an estate local to Andover, the kindling uses recycled building wood, the firelighters use no petroleum, the wipes which come from recycled cotton.

We shall shortly be adding more domestic products which use a range of ecological inputs from natural grown products to sacks made from a specially developed potato starch.