How would you like to buy eco friendly products from a one stop shop, earn money and help save the planet at the same time? Now with Wikaniko you can do all 3 at the same time, Wikaniko means we can eco, I can, you can, we all can.

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Green Policies

We constantly and continually strive to reduce the effect that we are all having on the environment and we constantly to seek ways to conserve natural resources. Wikaniko is an eco friendly company, providing eco friendly products and resources for the benefit of others. The very nature of our business ensures that we make others aware of environmental issues and as part of our every day business activities are consistently looking at ways of reducing the impact on the world we live in. We purchase from environmentally friendly sources, minimise the transportation of our goods by having them delivered direct from the manufacturer wherever possible, we re-use most of our packaging, opt for paperless billing where possible, collect unwanted packaging from local businesses to re-use ourselves, and use the products that we promote to reduce the energy consumption from our office equipment.

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