Here at GreenFinder towers we are passionate about practising what we preach and being as green and sustainable as we can.


  • Use 100% renewable energy
  • Bank with an ethical institution
  • Use a carbon neutral company for our phone and internet connection
  • Use recycled paper
  • Recycle all waste paper

We aim to provide the public with information about all the businesses we feature in our extended listings. We do this by asking each company to provide a short description about their sustainability policies and green credentials so that you the reader can form an opinion on how green they are before contacting them. We hope this will assist you in the search for those businesses you would like to support.

Those companies appearing in a basic listing do not provide any accompanying description. This does not automatically imply that they are any less environmentally or ethically minded than those that do, simply that they have chosen to advertise differently.

Unfortunately, although we make every effort to ensure no false claims are made by businesses appearing on this site we are not able to audit each and every policy. An element of trust exists between us and every business therefore please let us know if you disagree with any of the companies claims. We promise not to allow commercial revenues to come before our own ethical policies and we WILL remove any business not adhering to their claims.