Water Saving Eco Tips (Even for those of us in the rainy U.K)

Although the summer rain now seems to have arrived, earlier in the month we had a taste of what a dry summer could mean for us in the UK! Believe it or not, we need to think about water conservation as much as anyone else….

Here are a few simple tips/good habits to get into….

1. Use a waterbutt to collect run off from roofs/garages.

2. Re-use grey water – Use eco – friendly toiletries and washing  liquids so you can then put the  water onto the garden (try to  avoid watering plants that you  intend to eat in this way).

3.Don’t water during the hottest part of the day – alot of water is lost through evaporation – evenings and mornings are best.

4.For those of you wanting to save or reuse rainwater invest in a rainwater harvesting system. (See our rainwater harvesting suppliers)

For more water saving ideas check out our new Water Saving category that we have just added to GreenFinder