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Buy A Mask, Plant A Tree

eco friendly mask, washable mask, reusable mask

At the present time we have to wear masks when using public transport and going into shops or cafe’s. Whilst disposable masks have become the scourge of towns and cities with many being discarded on footpaths and roads, a better option is to choose a reusable one. The cotton and linen masks available at Boostology have […]

Make Composting Your New Year Resolution

composting advice

Composting is a very effective way of recycling organic materials and other scraps that would typically end up in a landfill. The idea of composting is one that helps to cut down waste and still provide a usable material at the end of the day. Composting helps to create an ecosystem that effectively provides food […]

How To Make A Christmas Cookie Jar

Christmas cookie jar, zero waste gifts

Oat & Chocolate Chip cookies This is a tried and tested recipe that we use mainly for birthday presents but this can be also made up for a  great zero waste Christmas gift too. Just choose a festive green or red ribbon instead to decorate the jar and perhaps cut a star or Christmas tree […]

Green Friday Is The New Black Friday

green friday, green christmas

So there have been whisperings that this black Friday malarkey is all just a marketing ploy by the big corporations to make you spend more money (shock horror) and in its place is slowly creeping in the term ‘Green Friday.’ Many people are beginning to realise that perhaps those super deals on offer are actually not […]