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Making Your Kitchen A Zero-Waste Space: 12 Top Tips

If you’re hoping to live a zero-waste life, focusing on changes you can make in the kitchen is crucial. There is a lot of waste that can occur in the kitchen, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to try and prevent and reduce the amount of waste you create. Some of the ways you […]

Living Memorial: Turn Your Loved One’s Ashes Into A Living Memorial.

green burial, sustainable burial, woodland burials

GreenFinder is proud to promote this company which uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide their work. They are currently focusing on using environmentally sourced packaging, paying staff a living wage and moving their administrative systems onto sustainable sources.   When a loved one passes, we feel a desire to return them to the […]

Benefits of Electric Cars on the Environment

eco friendly cars

Electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream as their prices become more affordable. And as battery costs fall, more people will switch from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric cars. However, as more people start driving electric vehicles, what effect will they have on the environment? This article dives into the environmental benefits of electric cars. […]