Get 15% Off An Award Winning Rotaire Dryline

energy saving, green home

Did you know you can dry your washing in the rain? Save money on tumble dryers? Get the washing out of the house without worrying about the rain?

Wind power without the turbine. Solar power without the panels.

The solution to rainy washing days, saving time and worry, the Rotaire Dryline saves money by not using energy to dry your clothes. Quite simply, it is an umbrella cover that permanently covers a rotary line, protects your laundry from rain, birds and more. You can check out our testimonials page here:

The Rotaire Dryline is one of Kevin (Grand Designs) Macleod’s Green Heroes and has been improved over time to give you the best and most practical solution to an age old problem.

We supply rain covers for existing lines and also whole kits. We have sold thousands over the past ten years so join our band of happy customers!!!

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