20% off Baggee with GreenFinder

The BAGGEE is a flexible hollow rubber ball attached to a key chain for the purpose of carrying plastic bags, such as the ones from supermarkets to be compressed and stored inside.

Designed to solve the problem of forgetting to take bags whilst out shopping they clip easily on to keys or handbags so those bags are never left behind again!

The simple concept behind The BAGGEE is help people to reuse the existing plastic bags they already have stored in the kitchen or car. We all aspirationally want to recycle but even a bag for life is only useful if it’s with you. As the Baggee is a keyring and your keys are always with you, this simple device allows you to stuff up to 3 supermarket bags into it and so whatever you need them for you always have bags. And if a bag is used twice it halves a problem!

To keep The Baggee as environmentally friendly as possible we have it made in the UK and of BSI compliant recyclable material.

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