3 Eco-Friendly Tips to Help You Improve Construction Site Security

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Construction sites often contain expensive components needed to get the job done, and many times these tools are stored on-site because it isn’t easy to remove and return them on a daily basis. It’s a matter of simple logic really – where there is construction there must also be materials, tools, and equipment. These items have value and therefore present the possibility of losses due to theft. In addition, the presence of an unfinished and uninhabited structure can be inviting to loiterers and adolescents looking to vandalise or spray paint the site. As such, the importance of construction site security should never be underestimated. With that said, here three things you can do to protect your site from vandalism and theft:

1. Install a Green Surveillance System that Streams to the Cloud

First and foremost, you need to make sure you’re keeping watch over the site at all times. Install a wireless surveillance system that streams the footage directly to a cloud storage account via the internet. That way, if someone steals the cameras and main module, the footage will already be stored online for you to view later. This method is eco-friendly because you can find systems that utilise long life batteries instead of continually draining power from the grid. For example, Compound Security Specialists have designed a system with batteries that last a whole year. Furthermore, it helps you save money on construction site security because you won’t have to pay for guards to sit in vans and watch your site.

2. Thoroughly Screen Employees

It’s no secret that there have been some rather shady construction workers. From ex-cons to current criminals, the construction industry is no stranger to brutish and potentially questionable men. Many times when things go missing from a site it is because one of the workers either participated in the burglary or divulged information needed for the theft to take place. Thus, remember the importance of thoroughly screening workers to ensure that they have clean backgrounds and are trustworthy.

3. Use Scaffolding Alarms with Solar Power or Batteries

Scaffolding equipment is worth a lot of money, and since the units are so large, it is impractical to remove them every day only to reinstall them the next, especially on sites that are working on larger buildings. Thus, scaffolds make an ideal target for thieves after all the workers have left for the day. Consider installing specialty scaffolding security alarms, which will sound off and notify the authorities any time someone enters the restricted area of the site after hours. Once again, this is an eco-friendly construction site security tip because these alarms can be run off of solar power or rechargeable deep cycle batteries.

Remember to Cover and Store Valuable Components

Finally, as a bonus tip – why leave something valuable out in the open and vulnerable to theft? Always instruct your workers to put in the extra effort to make sure everything is locked away in a storage container and/or thoroughly covered at the end of each workday.