3 Top Ways To Keep Your Biz Eco-Friendly

Staying eco-friendly in business is like trying to maintain your diet when you work in a chocolate factory – eventually the temptation to gorge will grow too great. You’ll be watching smoke fumes billow from a chimney stack by the end of the day.

Yet breaking away from rabbit food only damages you and your hips. Making your business a mass polluter impacts the entire planet.

In her book This Will Change Everything, political and climate change activist Naomi Klein has claimed that capitalism is directly linked to the problem of pollution.

As long as workplaces continue to sputter smoke like a Victorian workhouse and still make profit, she claims, they’ll also continue to shrug and ignore public concern.

There are numerous ways members of the public can make changes – boycott business with poor form, actively protest – but companies have to go the extra mile.

So what can your workplace do?

Maximise your space

Large workplaces are usually about as efficient as a sloth in a time slump. They’ll keep machines running unnecessarily, have weak points in their energy efficiency and hire lazy staff who’ll waste resources like it was mandatory.

However, a smaller office or warehouse can be as tight in its efficiency as a cog in a well-oiled machine.

Invest in a mezzanine floor construction for the ideal solution to fill out that space effectively, and make sure every sector of your premises has been surveyed to make it as green as possible.

Praise the sun

The summer might be in full swing – but are you harnessing those rays to their fullest extent?

Most companies remain cynical when it comes to solar energy, trapped in the prejudices of the past when panels were both expensive and inefficient. But solar panels have been getting cheaper every year, all while growing more efficient.

Although the piecemeal amount of sunlight in the UK will make it hard for solar panels to replace fossil fuels completely, they can act as an excellent subsidiary power source, especially at the height of summer.

With just a few panels, you’ll reduce your outgoings and take advantage of cleaner energy.

Recycle like a pro

Recycling programmes are the bread and butter of effective eco-concern. Everyone is aware of them by now and they’re relatively easy to implement. Some countries even demand that their businesses have effective recycling strategies.

Yet persuading your more cynical employees to recycle can be like pulling teeth. They’ll act like you’ve asked them to change religions or wear neon to work.

Send emails around your workplace outlining why a recycling policy is an effective plan. The knowledge that it’s mandatory should keep your employees in line.