4 ways to make construction sites more sustainable

The construction industry is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to carbon emissions. The use of heavy machinery over long periods of time, the transportation of goods, and even the building materials used are directly responsible for a significant amount of the UK’s CO2 output. Therefore, even taking small steps towards greener construction practices will have a
sizable environmental benefit. Use these four tips as a starting point to make your construction site
more sustainable.

Use modular buildings

First and foremost, look into temporary modular building hire for your project. Despite being quick
to construct and pack up, modular buildings are kitted out with all the benefits of a permanent
building and can be specialised to your needs. This means that you can have offices,
accommodation, and even manufacturing areas on-site which minimises your transport
requirements. You can go one step further and prioritise modular buildings with eco-friendly
interiors such as automatic lighting.

Prioritise energy efficiency

One of the main ways you can make a construction site more sustainable is to prioritise
energy efficiency during the building process.
This could involve embracing solar power where possible or
using specific energy-efficient equipment. On a more basic level, you could simply encourage the
team to be more vigilant and considerate with their usage of construction machinery and electrical
office equipment such as computers and kettles.

Promote water conservation

During the lifespan of a construction project, a lot of water is used. This is due to the building
process itself, and the need for water on-site such as for effective and hygienic toilets and kitchen
areas. You can’t escape water usage, but you can take measures to promote water conservation
within the team. Installing meters to monitor your usage will show you where most water is used
and help you to track the progress of any water-saving measures. There are also simple changes that
you can make to your equipment, such as using hoses with triggers that provide better control of the
water supply.

Optimise waste management

Lastly, be sure to optimise waste management on your construction site. Being organised before the
project begins is essential here: make sure that you have designated spaces for waste sorting and
recycling and educate your team on how to use these stations properly. You should also encourage
the salvaging of materials to minimise the amount of waste that ultimately goes to landfill. Hiring a
temporary modular building for your site is again effective here as it will be removed at the end of
the project and reused elsewhere in the future.

By being conscious of the environment when planning and executing a building project, you can
incorporate a range of simple eco-friendly measures that will ensure a more sustainable
construction site.