5 ways, new build homes support sustainability

It is no secret that residential properties contribute significantly to the UK’s annual carbon
emissions. In fact, England’s homes produce around 60 million tonnes of CO2 each year – a bigger
contributor than the country’s cars. One of the reasons that this figure is so high is that our existing
housing stock is poorly insulated which means that much heat is wasted. Our reliance on gas central
heating is another significant factor.

Investigating and upgrading our residential accommodation is therefore a vital part of the UK’s drive
to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050
. Leading the way are new build homes which are being held
to a higher standard of construction regulations to ensure that they are greener than their older
counterparts. From championing renewable energy options to improved energy efficiency, explore
five ways new build homes support sustainability.

Highly energy efficient

Given that poor insulation is a major factor in our high levels of carbon emissions from homes, it
makes sense that new build houses are being constructed to be highly energy efficient. Cavity wall
insulation between the inner and outer walls of the home helps to trap and reflect heat. Double- or-
triple-glazing on windows delivers the same benefit.

Eco-friendly fixtures

In addition to the way they are constructed, new build homes also feature eco-friendly fixtures. This
includes kitchen appliances with an A+ efficiency rating, toilets fitted with a water-saving dual-flush
system, and low energy lightbulbs. The new construction techniques and green fixtures of new
builds mean that most brand-new properties have an EPC rating of B or above, while the UK average
is D.

Modern construction

Unsurprisingly, modern construction techniques are used when developing new build estates. The
latest construction methods support sustainability in a variety of ways: in the example of housing,
entire walls and floors can be constructed off-site and then pieced together in one go. This limits
how much transport is needed throughout the process and helps to optimise waste management
and streamline energy usage.

Connected to public transport

Many companies who are responsible for expanding the UK’s housing stock make it a priority to
create new build homes with great public transport links. This is largely to attract and benefit those
who commute to work, but it has the knock-on advantage of promoting public transport which is a
greener alternative than daily drives.

Championing renewable energy

Traditional gas-powered boilers will be banned from new build homes from 2025. Instead,
properties will be fitted with more eco-friendly options including renewable energy systems that are
fuelled by sustainable natural resources such as sunlight rather than finite fossil fuels. One of the
most recent green heating technologies to be developed is the heat pump: these systems extract
heat from the air or ground outside and funnel it inside the home.