7 Eco Tips To Beat The Credit Crunch

This time last year we featured green back to school tips so if you are busy getting the kids ready for school you may want to check those out first before trying to beat the credit crunch.

1. Buy ‘preloved’
Find your nearest furniture reuse centre, tip shop, car boot sale or local charity shops and get your hands on some great preloved bargains. See our second hand listings for more ideas

2.Ditch your motor and join a car club
Car clubs are growing in popularity and schemes exist mainly in bigger cities down south, although hopefully it won’t be long before they spread U.K wide. If you are a city dweller, ditching your car and joining a car club can save you literally thousands of pounds a year. See our Zip Car special offer or the eco ride website which hires out electric vehicles.

3. Work from home
Working from home not only saves you time and money it’s often greener too. Read our blog article about why it’s greener to work from home.

4. Grow your own food
Growing your own fruit, veg and herbs not only saves you money but also reduces food miles and waste packaging.

5.Embrace the Downshifting Movement
Downshifting is about slowing down your pace of life and finding a better worklife balance. This means embracing living with less and leading a simpler cheaper, greener and happier life. Perfect for those of you out there wanting to save cash. To learn more about the movement visit the downshifting website and for some easy downshifting tips to get you started visit this link.

6.Cycle To Save Money

On Your Bike!

On Your Bike!

Cycling to work or nipping into town on your bike has so many benefits. Parking is free, it’s great exercise, zero emmissions, cheap as chips and fun to boot.

7.Go Camping or House Swap for your Hols
For a cheap but green break consider a house swap or go camping in the U.K. An excellent resource is the Green Theme Holiday Exchange site which encourages the protection of the environment by using existing resources to their utmost. Staying in family homes rather than energy-hungry, glitzy hotels is the idea behind this site.

7 More Eco Tips to Beat The Credit Crunch coming soon….