A Green Lifeline:Sponsor A Toad Or Dedicate A Tree

Can buying green really save us from climate change peril?

The environmental challenges of climate change, pollution and diminishing resources are no longer predictions of what might be, they are here right now and we all need to tackle them head on. With global emissions in developing countries escalating and the existing developed nations struggling to make significant reductions in carbon emissions, can we really expect to make a difference through our daily purchases?

Research in both the U.K. and U.S.A. has shown that buying green has a positive impact on health, the environment, and local economies. Purchasing is a way of voting with your pound. As consumers, it is important that we are aware of the growing range of environmentally friendly items available to us. By choosing to buy green products, we tell producers and suppliers that we want products that are not harmful to our environment.

The new wave of environmentally focussed companies are answering the consumers call to action and in turn they are helping to drive the market and develop new products, if the momentum keeps up then maybe buying green could change things in a big way. Green phoenix is one such company with environmental issues at its core, focussing on green gifts including tree dedications, carbon offsets and more quirky ideas involving sponsorship of lizards and newts! (The company issue a certificate and construct wildlife habitats on your behalf)

The company is a not for profit organisation and manages a woodland nature reserve in the Cambrian uplands of Wales. The company’s web site also features a section on sustainable living, including lots of free resources and recipes and more information about their nature reserve, “Coed tan-y-bryn”.

Scott Roe the company director says they have seen a large rise in interest and orders of their products this year, “We’ve been amazed at the growth of the green sector and interest in environmentally focused products this year. Our double cherry tree planting for people getting married or celebrating an anniversary has struck a real chord with people who want to give something different and something that gives back to nature”.

You can find out more details about Green phoenix and its nature reserve project by visiting their website. They are currently offer 25% off all items in their online store, just select the “d/voucher” option when choosing your items.


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