A Guide on How to Find the Best Greenhouse to Suit Your Needs



If you’re a gardener, a greenhouse is a must. It’s a perfect solution for growing exotic plants, organic fresh vegetables, and taking cuttings. Deciding on the best greenhouses can sometimes be overwhelming if you’re not aware of all the points you should consider.

Indeed, there’s a great palette of options, but you want a greenhouse that can fit in your garden and go well with the type of your house. That’s why we’ve composed an easy guide for you on what to consider when choosing a greenhouse to help you find your suitable pick among the huge array of options.  

Points to consider when choosing a greenhouse to suit all your needs

Read our easy guide to better understand the main points you should consider when selecting an ideal greenhouse that’s ideal for you. 


When it comes to sizes, greenhouses can range from small ones, just for growing some house plants, or large enough ones to fit a whole family. It’s probably best to go with a 6ft x 8 ft greenhouse if your garden can allow it, to put shelves on both sides, and let plenty of light in. Indeed, the size of your greenhouse mostly depends on the size of your garden and your house type. 


The main shapes of greenhouses are traditional, octagonal, and lean-to. Choosing a lean-to greenhouse will take the most advantage of the wall, either your garage wall or the south-facing wall of your house. The wall bricks are ideal for holding heat, especially during cold nights during harsh winters. 

Material and glazing

Aluminum greenhouses are cheap and low maintenance. On the other hand, Timber needs more maintenance and is more expensive but also more attractive. If you choose a wooden model, you can glaze them to the ground to hold heat. 


The ventilation system for your greenhouse is vital in the summer. If you, for example, have a 6ft x 8ft greenhouse, you would need two hinged vents on your roof and a side vent. You can fit the vent opener yourself, but it’s worth investing in an automatic one.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, now you have all the essential “tools” at hand to help you decide on the best greenhouse appropriate for your house and garden type. Size, shape, material, glazing, and ventilation, being the key points, should always be something to consider thoroughly. Good luck in your greenhouse search!