A Guide To Responsible Travel

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Embracing responsible tourism is the perfect way to enjoy a holiday while being mindful of the environment around us. A popular topic with travellers, it doesn’t matter where you’re jetting off to, what matters are the responsible travel choices you can make on your next holiday.

Why Is Responsible Tourism Important?

Responsible travel is one of the fastest-growing industries and there are a number of ways to get involved. You can choose a holiday operator that gives back to local communities, or reduce your carbon footprint with lighter luggage. It really is that easy.

There’s never been a better to time to think about greener travel. Our impact on tourism is a big concern for many countries around the world, so it’s crucial everyone does their bit to reduce the environmental impact of their holiday. By taking a few simple steps, we can all become more responsible as tourists towards the environment, culture and economy of the places we’re visiting.

Considering Your Surroundings

Becoming culturally aware of your surroundings is paramount to becoming a more responsible traveller, as it allows you to become familiar with what is expected of you in terms of behaviour. You may start by learning a few phrases of the local language, or you could research the key traditions and customs of the country to ensure you get off on the right foot.

While sightseeing is an important part of any holiday, it’s also  important to remember the local dress codes and customs around places of religious or political significance when you’re packing for your holiday.

Pack A Lighter Suitcase

Many travellers will worry about reducing the amount they pack for their holiday but it’s a simple way to lower your carbon footprint. You can discover some of the most effective packing tips to prevent your suitcase tipping the scales.

The size and weight of your suitcase can have huge impact on the environment and affect how much fuel your transport will require, so be sure to pack light so you can fully enjoy your holiday without the extra baggage.

Remember, you can always wash your clothing during your holiday using facilities at your accommodation.

The Perfect Packing Tip

The secret to a lighter luggage is by planning out exactly what you need to take with you, and making the most of the space you have. One effective packing tip is the use of the ‘rolling method’. Not only will this save space in your suitcase, but it will also limit any creases in your clothing. Make sure you utilise every available space and fill your shoes with smaller accessories like socks and underwear.

Choose Eco-Friendly Toiletries

If you’re really dedicated to becoming a more responsible tourist, why not re-consider the toiletries you use on your holiday. Try to avoid using products containing potentially harmful chemicals – which can often leach into other ecosystems – and choose eco-friendly alternatives.

The guide on ethical, organic and vegan skincare can help you learn more about how to choose ethical cosmetics for your next holiday. Try to opt for longer lasting products such as bar soap or shampoo with bio-degradable packaging.  You can decant your own products into reusable containers that can be taken on any future holiday.

With so many beautiful destinations to explore, it’s essential that as travellers, we help preserve the precious eco-systems around us as well as support the local economies which make travel possible.

With just a few simple considerations, you can transform the way you travel and reduce your impact on the environment with ease.