A Reusable Alternative Every Month

For the majority of women the ‘time of the month’ does not rank highly on the list of why we enjoy being the fairer sex. To make matters worse from an environmental perspective the choice of sanitary protection available is widely thought to be either disposable tampons or disposable sanitary towels both of which create untold waste and pollution to waterways.

We buy more than 3 billion disposable sanitary protection items each year*. However, when this choice is questioned, it becomes apparent that there are far greener, reusable options available; natural sponge, cloth pads and the most widely used; menstrual cups.

Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930’s and are therefore a tried and tested alternative to tampons. A leading brand of menstrual cup is Femmecup; worn internally just like a tampon, it collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it. It forms a gentle seal with your vaginal walls and any flow is contained in the cup.

The environmental benefits of reusable products are huge. Saving the planet is everyone’s responsibility and shocking statistics have been released concerning the amount of waste disposable sanitary items cause, further highlighting the need for the female population to use eco-friendly alternatives. Each woman in the UK uses an estimated 11,000 tampons in their lifetime and approximately 8 million tampons end up in the UK sewage system each year. In contrast; Femmecup lasts for at least five years and is made in the UK from silicone, derived from silica; one of the most abundant materials on Earth.

And finally, Femmecup is far more convenient than disposable products, there are no spares to carry and nothing to dispose of; Femmecup is always with you when you need it most. You can wear it for up to 12 hours, all day or all night. There are no strings or wings to worry about and your Femmecup can be worn in the shower; swimming pool or at the beach; anywhere, anytime!

Still not convinced enough to give it a go? Check out the internet, there are an abundance of online discussions about Femmecup and other reusable alternatives; these may help alleviate any concerns. Femmecup is available from a large selection of pharmacies and online stores all over the World. Change is scary, but this small one could make a huge difference to the planet and to your life.

*Source: Mintel Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Protection Products Market Intelligence, July 2009

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