A Simple Energy Saving Measure For Households

Pioneering patented Ecoflap from Jessel Innovations is now making its mark. After initial testing Ecoflap meets it’s match at equivalent wind speed of 114mph and does NOT blow open. It also closes SHUT against the pressure blowing through.

Stop Letter Box Draughts For Good

The Ecoflap is a good, practical product that gives immediate effect and benefit when trying to save energy in the home. The letter box can be a silent culprit wasting energy in your home. This product is an uncluttered answer to your draughty letter box with no springs and brushes as these have never really addressed heat loss (approximately up to 27%) on current solutions, or without undamaged mail or trapped fingers. It has been mandatory since May 2008 that all new builds become airtight which includes the letter box.

Opening windows is your choice! On the occasions you want to close them for cosiness, it’s nice to know there are no irritating wafts of cold air coming in through your letter box, silently making your heating system work harder. Ecoflap uses the wind to its advantage, by allowing the wind to blow the letter box SHUT! So again, don’t be blown away by draught, be blown away by ECOFLAP.

We provide a personal service and will do everything to help you install the Ecoflap. Ecoflap is available from stockists or online via Paypal from the website, which is updated almost every day or you can telephone 01189 9872398.  The Ecoflap retails at £19.99

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