5 Weird Ways to Heat your Home

Our featured site on My Alter-Eco this month is ‘The Top 5 Weirdest Ways to Power your Home’ The site explores wacky, inventive ways and more importantly green ways to create power.

Number one on the list is ‘Poo Power’ yes you heard it right, the site claims that ‘Poop produces methane, which is not only a greenhouse gas, but can be harnessed and used for viable renewable energy. While the technology and processes are still being refined, it’s not unlikely that cow manure will be the new solar panel in the coming years. Dogs and even human waste might eventually join the poo parade as well.’

weird energy

Next on the list is sound energy followed by human motion and wind kinetics. Last but not least is our favourite, spinach power. They claim that it’s not just full of nutrients for your body, spinach also has the potential to nourish your home. They believe it is possible that a solar energy harvesting system based on photosynthesis, using a solar cell system whose main component for generating electricity is a protein called Photosystem I, which is derived from spinach.


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