Alternative Ways To Be Green

Residential uses are one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions in the UK, despite the significant change to the way we use energy in the last decade as a result of promotion and public awareness and harm to the environment, people have become more conscious of the effects their energy use has on a bigger scale.

However there is still more to be done and numerous ways to do it, beyond the basic methods which we are going to explore.

Closing doors and draft proofing:

58% of home energy is used in heating homes so installing draft proof materials and closing doors and windows prevents cold air getting into the room and warm air escaping. As this then requires more energy to maintain the temperature.

Extractor fans:

More than useful for getting rid of strong smells when cooking but have you tried just opening a window to help the air circulate and get rid of the smell. (Obviously don’t try this when it’s freezing cold outside!)


Yes, energy light saving bulbs do exist, and an estimated percentage of the population don’t like them because they take a few seconds to turn on and become fully illuminated however when you consider the amount of energy they save, they become a very cost efficient measure, as well as lasting longer which means you have to buy fewer light bulbs.

Automate your home:

Although home automation systems may not seem like a great method as using technology to save energy seems a little contradictory, but setting up a linked system so that you have a mains control switch to access lights and electrical appliances throughout your home is actually a great energy saving method.

Using home automation systems like the lightwaveRF you can take full control of your lights, heating and power supply. By using home automation app for both the IPhones and Androids you can switch lights off, hurt on the heating and turn of plugs and one touch of a button.

You can find out more about home automation and home automations system at Alarm Traders Direct who have a range of home automated lights, controllers, and more. They can also advise you on how to get this installed into your home.


To reduce energy used by your freezer you should not store it next to a heat source like a radiator or cooker and also keep it away from direct sunlight, for example facing a window in the summer. Doing this would make it harder for the temperatures to keep cool and therefore use more energy.

The temperature of the freezer should be -18°C, there is no need for your freezer to be any colder than this as it will be using excess energy.

Moreover it is important to defrost your freezer regularly especially when ice forms as the ice builds up and makes it harder to transfer cold energy to the food as well as limited the amount of space for cold air to circulate. This uses more energy and therefore costs you more money.


The importance of turning electrical appliances off is crucial as some shocking statistics show that in the UK £227 million a year is wasted by not turning appliances off and leaving them on stand-by.

76% of households leave their electrical items on standby with mobile phone chargers wasting £28.9 million a year in total. This wastes energy and money, so to be more cost efficient and greener, simply unplug your appliances.

Artificial grass:

In some occasions artificial grass can be a better alternative than having real grass in your garden. With having real grass in your garden come certain duties and chores like keeping it tidy and weed free. Doing this can have a negative impact on the environment with pesticides and the energy used my lawn mowers. In some occasions fake grass can be a good alterative as it take minimal maintenance and has less of an impact on the environment. Companies like Forever Green Lawns offer alternative artificial turf, which saves you time, energy and money!

You can literally be green all year round!