An Autumn Eco Tip To Keep You Warm & Cosy

Well Autumn is now well and truly here and it’s time to turn the heating on. For those of you with an open fire or Aga stove, there is a great little device that can save you money and make fuel from waste paper.

The log maker can turn all those leaflets and old newspapers into a source of energy for your home, this not only saves you money but is also good for the environment as you can then turn your heating down a notch or two.

Here’s how it works

You simply soak your waste paper in water (a single newspaper will make about one log – which can give you an hours burning!)

The newspaper is placed in the log maker, which then compacts it really tightly. The water comes out and the entire newspaper or pile of leaflets is turned into a single compacted log.

Because the log maker compacts the paper so tightly it burns slowly which means that a dozen logs could probably provide enough heat for a couple of days and as more and more leaflets and junk mails seem to come through the door, you may never run out of logs.

Ok, it can be little messy but you can keep the logs in a log store as they dry out and this will keep them dry until they are needed, but the benefits of a log maker more than make up for a few drops of water. Not only are you saving money by heating your home, you are relying less on less renewable sources of energy such as the electricity from coal fired power stations or gas. Equally, you are helping to get rid of all that waste paper saving you trips to the paper recycling centre.

For a touch of indulgence add a couple of cinnamon sticks or cloves, Rosemary/Lavender cuttings, or a few drops of your favourite scented oil/remnants of scented candles to your log to produce wonderful burning aroma.

To purchase a log maker visit Green Stamp the green online store.

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