Are Natural Essential Oils Going To Be The Next Vaping Trend?

Life can be stressful at times. Although stress and pressure may not always be noticeable on the outside or influences your physical appearance, it can certainly affect how you feel on the inside and alter your mood and equilibrium. Here is an article about the dangers of bottling up emotions and pent up stress and how it can have  a detrimental effect on your wellbeing.

How Can Essential Oils Help?

Essential oils are concentrated liquids of herbs and plants. Some of the most popular ones include mint, chamomile, lavender, rose, citrus (orange or lemon), thyme, cinnamon, and many others. These concentrated oils are used to alleviate stress, aches, pains, and other discomfort.

Some people like to apply them topically in small quantities. For example, if you have a head ache, you can put a smidge where the pain throbs the most. Usually, a menthol type would be most suitable as it helps cool down the nerves and helps you achieve a relaxed state of mind.

There are also people who like to use them as scents for a room or office. Essential oils can be diluted in water and used for humidifiers or air cleansers. This can help improve the mood and atmosphere of any room. Also, it can influence the minds and bodies of those inside the room. For example, lavender works best for relaxation so most spas and wellness facilities would use essential oils on their humidifiers to set the right mood for clients. There are also oils like Rosemary that can help improve focus and concentration which are helpful to people who are revising or studying for exams.

How Are Personal Diffusers Used?

The most recent fad in the world of essential oils is surprisingly vaping.

Now, in order to “vape” these concentrated oils, you first need a device to turn the liquid into vapor. These are what personal diffusers are for and you can find them at They’re elongated sticks that are convenient and easy to use. Most of them are already pumped with an essential oil combinations. All you have to do is turn them on and puff away.

Although not much has been studied about this new fad, since (again) it’s relatively new to the market, it has been closely associated with aromatherapy. It is said to help relieve stress and tension from the body directly since inhaling the vaporized oil will help it travel to the bloodstream faster. It is believed to be a highly effective relaxant for many who have tried. Its handiness and portability is also appreciated by users who are always on the go.

Compared to the usual vaping, essential oils have no nicotine content which is said to be another huge bonus. It does not create a dependency in an individual. Also, it comes in a variety of combinations that would fit different needs – from stress-relief to ultimate relaxation. It’s a natural healing tool for any tired soul.