Bag A Brilliant Baggee & Beat The Bag Tax (plus get 20% off)

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The Baggee is a brilliant British designed and made key chain device for storing plastic bags. With the 5p tax on plastic bags starting on the 5th October there has never been a better time to re-use your existing bags and bring them back to the shops with you.

The BAGGEE is a flexible hollow ball on a keychain that can accommodate up to 3 supermarket plastic bags. Bags are simply stuffed into the gadget and stay inside without the need of a cap or lid. When needed you simply pull out one at a time.

The baggee has a spring lever key ring that can attach to your keys or handbag so your bags are with you at the checkout and not left in the kitchen or car. They also double up for carrying bags for camping, dog walking, nappy sacks, boating (they float!) or any time plastics bags are needed!

The Baggee comes in 6 colours and are made in the UK of medical grade recyclable material. A Mr Men range is also now available with Mr Happy, Mr Noisy, Little Miss Naughty and Mr Bump. To receive 20% off a baggee or doggee throughout October and November simply quote GF15 at the checkout on the Baggee website

Why Re-Use Our Bags?

Apart from the fact that we will be saving 5p for every bag we re-use, in the UK alone we use over 13 billion plastic bags every year. This has a damaging effect not only in our towns and cities but also in the countryside, our beaches and oceans not to mention the thousands of bags clogging up our landfill sites.