Barley Grass, Go Green For Life

Greens are the ultimate in a healthy diet for so many reasons.

What is clear is that the “green superfoods” – among them wheatgrass and barley grass – are some of the easiest and best sources of nutrition available.

At 12-14 inches, the young shoots have a tremendous ability to absorb nutrients from the soil & therefore contain astounding amounts of vitamins, minerals & enzymes (needed to kick-start essential chemical reactions in the body).

Chlorophyll helps keep the body’s alkaline and acidity ratio balanced. Our cells cannot adequately function if the pH range is not within a narrow band. Most processed foods are acidic, and when we consume too many of them the acidity/alkaline balance is upset. This can result in many imbalances including inflammation & fatigue.

Some of the main benefits have been found to be;

1. Skin rejuvenation – Green barley grass contains abundant minerals, enzymes and vitamins that will revitalize the body’s cellular structure. It rejuvenates the skin by improving the function of internal organs
2. Helps weight balance – The best method of weight control is to promote the action of enzymes. Enzymes activate the body’s natural fat burning process by stimulating the lipid metabolism as part of a sensible diet and exercise program. The free-form amino acids it contains, also help to curb cravings.

3.Effective against constipation – It is said that good eating, good sleeping and good evacuation are the three barometers of health. The soluble fibre in barley grass activates the intestinal tract to promote regular evacuation.

4.Lower cholesterol levels – Case studies have shown that it is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels as well as suppressing cholesterol absorption. One of the substances found in green barley, beta sitosterol, is currently being used in Japan to treat patients with high cholesterol levels.

5. Balances blood sugar level – Research has shown that not only does green barley grass powder function in much the same way as insulin and balances sugar levels, but that it helps to heal the blood vessel damage that may be caused by diabetes.

6. Other ailments – Green barley has also been found to assist in relieving dermatitis, liver & lung disease and allergies, while the high level of chlorophyll is a natural body deodorant.

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