Be Inspired To Mend With The Japanese Cult Classic by Hikaru Noguchi

repair, re-use, make do and mend

When I was first sent ‘Darning’ by Hikaru Noguchi I was struck by the beautiful layout of the book and the inventiveness of the author in the way she mends, repairs and oftentimes transforms pieces of clothing through simply fixes and imagination.

The author uses 12 different techniques to illustrate how to mend your clothes and breathe new life into them. There are 63 inspirational designs that feature in the book with instructions on which stitch to use, equipment needed and pictures to help guide you. The accompanying photos show how with just a few simple stitches clothes can not only be repaired but are sometimes given a completely different look.

The chapter on denim is fascinating and Hikaru uses various techniques including applique to not only repair holes and fraying but to create a colourful design. There is also a chapter on darning children’s clothes and one on interiors so you can learn to repair cushions and sofas. The step by step guide is ideal for non-sewers too as the stitches are quite straightforward and simple to achieve.

With fast fashion and disposable products seen as the norm these days, this is such a refreshing book in the way that mending and darning are seen as a vibrant and accessible way to repair your clothes. With the fashion industry responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions each year there’s never been a better time than to make do and mend and this book makes a great starting point.

Darning by Hikaru Noguchi is published by Hawthorn Press and is available from their website here.