Benefits of carpooling

Now more than ever, it’s important for all of us to be looking at ways we can help the environment in all areas of our daily life.

Whilst hybrid working models mean that fewer and fewer employees are commuting to work in person, there is still a lot to be said for the benefits of carpooling. Carpooling is an effective way of helping the environment, and it also brings with it some key financial and social benefits as well.

For example, it lets you avoid large annual insurance premiums and take out short-term car insurance as and when you need it instead, and it also provides a chance to chat and
socialise with colleagues on your way to work. Here we look at some of the major benefits
of carpooling with your colleagues.

Cutting carbon emissions

Transport is one of the largest emitting sectors of greenhouse gases, and trips made by cars, vans,
and taxis make up more than 90% of UK passenger kilometres travelled.

Yet as recently as 2021, the average car occupancy for commuting journeys was just one person.

By increasing the occupancy of each car per journey, we could significantly reduce the amount of car-
related fuel emissions on the road.

Widespread carpooling would also result in fewer cars on the road, and less traffic as a result. Less
congestion on the roads would result in more pleasant driving experiences, as well as fewer
emissions from stationary cars stuck in traffic jams.

Slowing down environmental damage

With carpooling, each individual would use their own car less during each week, consuming less fuel.
And the more people who carpool, the less fuel gets used.

With less fuel being used, demand would decrease. A reduction in demand may eventually contribute
to less incentive for fuel companies to continue mining for unrenewable resources and damaging
ecosystems in the process.

Other financial and social benefits

By sharing driving with your colleagues, you are likely to see reductions in your own running costs by
using your car less. This means that your car’s overall condition might stay better for longer, as it
wouldn’t be subjected to the wear and tear of being on the roads every day.

This may even be better for you when it comes to taking your car in for general servicing or for its

Sharing the commuting journey with your colleagues also gives you a chance to foster better
relationships with them, as you can take the time to get to know them in ways you might not get the
chance to whilst at work, so it can be a pleasant experience for all involved.