Bike Bins: Helping Commuters Cycle to Work

Making cycling an everyday solution to local travel viable and a realistic option for many people, is the ability to transport essentials, safely, securely and with minimum effort. Overcoming this problem for work, shopping and leisure, has now become much simpler – with “The Bikebin”

Bikebins are a new kind of pannier for the bicycle, made of plastic they are rigid, lockable and strong. They fit easily onto standard rear pannier racks, using the same attachment system as conventional quality pannier makers. However, unlike traditional canvas panniers, the Bikebin protects its contents from rain, impact and theft, and has a touch of real style! The Bikebin provides a convenient and realistic way to carry almost all your everyday requirements on your bike. It can change your whole approach to local commuting and everyday travel – good for the environment, a healthier and more sociable lifestyle for everyone.

The idea of the Bikebin came from the experience of a once-in-a-lifetime journey In April 2005 when a 56 year old British man, Sam Lowings, left his 2 sons, friends and home, to set out to realise the ambition of his life; to cycle from Exeter in Devon, UK, to Vladivostok on the eastern coast of Russia. Cycling the 14,000kms would have been an achievement in itself, but Sam was determined to be as self-sufficient as possible on the journey. This meant taking all the requirements for the trip with him on his bicycle! Clothes, food, camping equipment, a few tools for the bicycle and his only luxury, a short wave radio, all had to be accommodated. Sam, his bike and the canvas panniers were tested by extremes of terrain, weather and potentially hostile environments.

Sam arrived in Vladivostok after 5 months, 2 stone lighter, with a bike in need of some minor repairs and frustrated by panniers that had to be removed at every turn for security, left him with sodden clothing after rain and fell over spewing their contents into mud and the loss of personal valuables. Sam knew there had to be an alternative – this was the beginning of the Bikebin! The Bikebin is produced exclusively in the UK using British technology, designers and manufacturers, and cannot be found in the mass-market High Street outlets. It has been tested against extremes of temperature and for durability and has proved its robustness under adverse conditions.

For more information please visit the Bike Bins website

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