Boho Hemp launch Boho Kids

BohoHemp, a UK based eco boutique for ethical fashion partners with Kritical Mass to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support their new hemp children’s wear brand; BohoKids.

Hemp is perfect as a fibre for children’s clothing because it requires no herbicides and no pesticides to grow. The BohoKids range will be made from hempcotton, which as the name suggests, is a blend of hemp (55%) and cotton (45%). This will be the first time anyone has produced children’s clothes from this unique fabric. The dyes used are vegetable dyes so no chemicals are used in the dyeing process and each garment will have a little story attached made from tree free paper.

Comfort is also a top priority, so shapes and designs are simple and easy-to-wear especially made for active kids! BohoHemp plan to launch with 5 items: a dress, a skirt, leggings, short sleeve and long sleeve tops, for release Spring/Summer 2015. The crowdfunding campaign target is to raise £15K which will cover all the costs of manufacturing and delivery to market of two collections of BohoKids clothing.

By supporting the BohoKids project through the Kritical Mass, fundraisers will be eligible for exclusive discounts and offers on the BohoHemp fashion range. They could also win a day’s workshop in our HQ, spend a day with our celebrity model Mellissa Wells and crew on one of our seasonal photo-shoots and even enter to have your design on a Boho Kids bag..

Emma Parkinson, Owner and Director of BohoHemp, was inspired to start the new project through her own child’s experience. Her daughter has suffered from eczema since she was a baby, 20% of all infants suffer from eczema, and as a mother she naturally wanted to alleviate this. She observed the times her allergy was triggered and it seemed that it was as a direct result from contact with the clothing.

Emma said “It’s a well-known fact that children’s allergies have been increasing over the past few years and by using hempcotton, I hope to contribute towards addressing this issue. My vision is to get hemp clothing into the mainstream where it should be as its sustainable and long lasting – the perfect fibre for children’s clothing.”

A GreenPeace report released this year supported this “Hazardous chemicals have been found in children’s clothes and shoes made by major brands. The findings showed little distinction between the levels of hazardous chemicals in clothing made for children and adults. Once released into the environment, many of these chemicals can have adverse impacts either on human reproductive, hormonal or immune systems. This will not be apparent till later on in a child’s life.”

For more information on the campaign, its supporters and the exciting rewards, please visit BohoKids Kritical Mass fundraising page.