BPA Free? A Finer Choice For You & The Planet

A Mother’s Journey
Daniella from ‘A Fine Choice‘ tells us how she discovered the dangers of BPA and how she set up her own ethical enterprise promoting the use of reusable BPA free bottles.

I’ve always been an eco-conscious person. I tried to walk small distances instead of taking the car, recycled a little, tried to eat up leftovers and learned a little about chemicals one should avoid. I would say, I was looking after my health and the environment but didn’t know a much about harmful materials.

Then I had children and I am now a mum of three young kids and everything changed when I had my first one. I was reading a lot of articles during my first pregnancy. I wanted a good start for my baby and tried to figure out every detail starting from the healthiest mattress for my baby to sleep on to the most natural sleeping bag. I had it all covered – from the best shampoo to baby oil, from lotions to wipes and toothpaste. I had everything researched before giving birth and only used safe products – or so I thought. Little did I know!

I’d been fully breastfeeding for the first six months with my youngest. We then started with formula milk until he reached the age of a year when we substituted this with cow’s milk instead. He drank from his bottle until a health visitor told me that he needed to stop drinking from a bottle as it could harm his teeth.

Years after, I realised that his teeth would be only one part of the problem. I’d been feeding my babies with a bottle that was not BPA free. What is BPA? I only heard about BPA after I had my third child and someone asked me where I had sourced my kids’ reusable drink bottle. I did a lot of research and suddenly realised that heating up milk in the microwave in a non BPA free bottle was a big mistake and could be harmful for all of my children. BPA is the abbreviation for Bisphenol A, and is used along with other materials to make plastics. It may lead to negative health effects as it can get into drinks when heated.

I continued my research and decided to source BPA free bottles made out of stainless steel from the US. I would like to tell other people about harmful chemicals and help them to not make the same mistake as I did. I set up my own business at the end of 2010 when I became distributor for Green Bottle.

Daniela Schaffrik (Director of “A fine choice ltd.”)

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