Calling All Budding Eco Writers

An innovative recycling online bookstore has launched a unique UK-wide writing competition this week where budding writers of all ages get the chance to write a chapter of a book.
The Green Story, which has been created by, is an online creative writing competition where people submit their entries, which are then voted on, and at the end of every month the winning entry becomes the next chapter.

The competition, created as part of the 2008 National Year of Reading, will continue for 10 months and when the final chapter is complete The Green Story is going to be published for people to buy, with all proceeds going to The Woodland Trust.

Barry Crow, the man behind The Green Story, said: “The Green Story is designed to encourage reading, writing and recycling which will hopefully make people ‘think green’ too.
“With The Green Story being published on recycled paper, we are trying our hardest to get the right messages across about how to look after the environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity for anybody with a creative flair and we look forward to seeing the results.”

green story

The Green Story is accessible to anyone who wants their writing to be in a published book, there is a children, teen and adult’s Green Story. To submit an entry for The Green Story writers just have to visit the link below and become a (free) member of the site. Once this is done, visitors of the site can submit an entry, vote on an entry or just read the entries that have already been suggested.

The Green Story was launched involving costumed characters, Glenda the Green Garden Witch and Willow the Tree Sprite, encouraging primary schoolchildren to create the first chapter of their version of the story.

The Green Story will be completed in November and then be published in time for Christmas, giving people a unique and creative gift option for that special someone.