Commercial Solar PV Installation For Businesses in The UK


An important part of any business or commercial entity is the energy they need to power the business. From lighting up the premises to operating machinery, electricity is crucial to their daily functioning and success.

Commercial entities can get the energy they need from several sources. These include the national grid or using a local power generating system such as a generator.

They may also get the power they need from a renewable energy source. Using a renewable source such as solar power is clean, more efficient, less expensive in the long run and environmentally friendly. You will find other renewable sources in this article.

Solar is energy gotten from the sun and it is readily available as long as there is sunlight. You do not need highly sophisticated equipment or technological systems to generate it from the sun. Rather, photovoltaic panels (PV) usually referred to as solar panels are used for converting sunlight into electricity.

Whether you own a big or a small business, you can benefit from using solar energy. You can save money, reduce your carbon footprint and also ensure that your future power supply is secured.

Electricity costs are predicted to rise in the next couple of years. By investing in this form of energy, you would have saved on any increase in energy. This will provide you financial stability and you may even sell any surplus power you generated and make some income from it.

Furthermore, as a business, your electricity requirement is mostly during the day. This is when the sun is available so you can maximize it and save on your electricity bills. Also, these systems require little or no maintenance so you do not have to worry about this. You can learn more about this form of energy here


What is Commercial Solar?

There are different types of solar systems and commercial solar is one of these. This is a system that is designed to use energy from sunlight to generate electricity and power a business premises.

Depending on how big the installation is, the electricity that is generated may meet all of the business’ energy requirement. If it is a large establishment and cannot meet all their electricity needs, it will help to lower their energy bill.

A wide range of businesses can use commercial solar systems. Private companies, big or small businesses, government and public buildings, as well as non-profit organizations may utilize it.

Solar PVs are typically mounted on roofs. They can also be installed on an adjacent land, or on water bodies. They are then integrated into the electrical network of a business. The PV cells can range in size and can be in kilowatts or megawatts.

These PV cells transform sunlight into electricity which is then utilized in powering the commercial building. The system generates electricity all through the year and may use batteries to store power when this is necessary.


Installing Your Commercial Solar PV

Installation is as simple as contacting commercial solar PV installers to install yours. These experts do not only install but offer various services like managing and maintaining your system as well as energy storage.

Bear in mind that this form of energy is not for every type of business. Therefore, experts will evaluate your needs and advise you accordingly. Before an installation, they will conduct a survey of your site.

After the installation, they will help you manage your system by monitoring and cleaning when necessary. All these are to ensure that the system can perform at maximum levels and also last a long time.


Funding Your Commercial PV Installation

You may fund the installation of your system in one of three ways.

  • You may pay for it all at once and over time get back your investment through your electricity savings.
  • You may use asset finance where you secure funds that are borrowed against the solar panels and repay this over a period.
  • Lastly, a third party can pay for the system and operate it on your behalf. This can be for a stipulated amount of time. The electricity generated is then sold to you at a discount compared to what you would have paid for your energy needs.


A Commercial solar PV system is a way for businesses to increase their bottom line. This is because it is cheaper and more efficient yet it is able to meet their electricity needs. More importantly, it helps them to reduce their carbon footprint.